Time and Date based layout schedule

Hi there.

We have a display board setup displaying an ‘image’ then ‘Daily prices’(image also) then another image then ‘Daily Prices’ and so on for about 12-15 images. We also change out the ‘Daily prices’ image with a ‘After hours prices’ image too. we have done this with a time based schedule.

Now we wish to change out the ‘Daily prices’ & ‘After hours’ prices image based on our public holiday dates, so on a schedule display the public holiday prices image.

We wish to do this automatically. Currently we have two setups created and manually activate these when required. (One with daily/after hours prices and one with Holiday prices)

Is there a simpler way on automating this based on scheduled times and if it falls on a public hold swap out the whole setup?

You could use the “Exact time spans” option, but that only allows you to schedule up to the next holiday switch. So one time range up to the holiday start and then the holiday content from start to finish of the holiday. Right now it’s not possible to specify multiple date ranges per content. Switching setups (maybe using the API?) is possible the easiest way.