Touch Player no Audio

I am in the process of converting all my 18 stations to the touch player package. Whilst this has not been a problem with normal screens, I encountered problems with my first station using video. I won’t get audio. I have tried it now on site with Pi 3B and audio via headphone jack and in my lab using HDMI on a Pi Zero. Using my zeittunnel video package will play audio n both platforms, no issues at all.

Are you running info beamer hosted or stand alone?

If the latter is the case you may need to
before running info beamer executable.

That package doesn’t play audio at the moment. See

I can add that as an option.

I’ve just added an option for audio ( Can you update the package, change the setting on the config page and see if that works?

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Thanks for your suggestion Walter, I appreciate your help. We are using the hosted application. We are by far not as deep into the subject as you, still I enjoy reading the exchange of information between you and Florian (amazing, how much you guys know!). As we are running a museum mainly with volunteers like me, we just dig into the subject as necessary. So to say, we are no professionals at all, but help as much as we can.
I am so glad I chose InfoBeamer as our software backbone. The support and help I have received is outstanding!

Hi Michael,
Florian is the one who knows everything, since he has written Info Beamer.
I am a user just like you, albeit a software engineer by profession. My company and me we have installed and used Info Beamer in a museum and we are starting now some digital signage service and offers for exhibition.
We can say that, professionally speaking, it’s a lovely and awesome software system, a robust environment and Florian is very expert, nice and helpful. We are very glad to have found Info-Beamer.

Have fun!

As always, I just followed your instructions and: it works as supposed!
Thanks so much!
Is it OK to use touch player package for my production environment? I have already moved to it on 3 of our 9 stations and it is so much nicer. Have a look->Tunnel-InfoBeamer-Neu5-2019|690x517
With this new concept we are no longer destroying the nice graphics on our walls with black home screens.

Your inlined image is fubar’d. Usually it works by just copying the image from somewhere and pasting it while in the edit box. Can you try that?

… back to my desk, I will give it a second try -> paste didn’t work so I just dropped it into the edit box…

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