Trouble shoot Device maintenance required

is there a way to have some more info about this notification? Maybe some log?
I see this message for 6 Raspberry that I’ve just installed, but I can’t find the problem. They are connected to the Internet and downloading the videos without problems.
I’ve setup a local NTP server (on another Raspberry) that probably don’t send the correct time, but I don’t care about it because when I will install there will be no Internet (to keep the NTP server clock) and I don’t have any schedule, I just need Magic Video Wall to work.

Could it be because there is no DNS resolver? It shouldn’t be needed, right?

That package needs a synced time. It indeed doesn’t need a correct time necessarily, but it should be at least somewhat correct. If it sends a date of 1.1.1970 to all devices, they won’t accept that. You should see a NTP: Time synced (1/1 peer valid) or similar status on the device information listing on the right side of the detail page if NTP synchronization worked. Similarly you should see a (3 peers, 0.005s precision) or similar with the number replaced for the amount of devices you have. The precision indicates how close their clocks are.

As the devices are offline at the moment, I cannot check their configuration, but you need a DNS server. Otherwise the devices won’t be able to resolve ‘’ and thus cannot reach the info-beamer backend server. Which that’s temporarily ok, having the network not working “by design” won’t work for very long. Check the “Offline support status” section on an offline device for details.

All the player are back online now.
I see: Peer-to-Peer connected
0.00% of 2.0KB (6 peers [[filter]] 0.002s precision) but the sync sometimes seems way more than that. But maybe could it be because of the file format, since sometimes I see little video jumps. What should be the correct file format? (I’m using handbrake).

Can you transcode the video to 720p, just to try if that solves the synchronization issue?

Handbrake creates a .M4V file that can’t be uploaded to InfoBeamer. I’ve renamed it to .MP4 and uploaded.
The problem it’s still there.
I’ve sent you a link with 2 files where you can see the problem.
In the file 20230428_093112883 you can see the problem from the second 7 on the 2 vertical 32" at the top
In the file 20230428_093038290 you can see the problem at second 3: the head of the forklift is out of sync.