Undocumented rest api field "features" in run object

When looking at the data returned from the api call “List devices” I notice an undocumented String array "devices[0].run.features with the strings “push-sync” and “sync-file-v2”. Should I be concerned? Am I looking at the wrong documentation or are features out-pacing the docs?



Jim Siler

The values in the run object are mostly still there for backwards compatibility reason in case anyone relies on them. The values within its features array are only really used internally, but it would technically break backwards compatibility removing the list as they have been there basically forever. So it’ll probably stay in v1 on the API.

There are other undocumented fields in other API responses. Some of those are the result of yet-to-be publicly released parts of the API. Your code should always be able to handle fields getting added. I guess it’ll help to make more clear in the documentation and also specify that undocumented fields should not be relied upon until they are full documented. Thanks for bringing this up.

Thanks much. I figured that an evolving software is something of a moving target. I’m just starting with info-beamer, but it seems to check most of my boxes. I’ve been looking for a vehicle to deploying signage on Raspberry Pi hardware and consumer grade televisions/monitors that

  1. Is programmer oriented

  2. Will allow me to implement restaurant menu and informational signage with an end user interface that will allow on-the-fly editing of menus.

I’m looking to allow the user to

  • Create. modify, and delete menu categories, items, and options (e.g., sizes, special instructions, etc.)

  • Mark items as 86 (out) while cotinuing to show on menu board,

  • Integrate the signage with web site and online ordering

  • Provide customers with an up to date signage system with rock-bottom minimal up-front and ongoing expense

After a couple of weeks of playing with IB it seems to provide the basic signage capabilities out of the box; there is enough there for me to deploy to a customer site with relatively static menus. I am curious if there are IB packages and/or other auxiliary softwares out there to help with the more complex part of the task, or to serve as example approaches to similar problems.

Jim Siler

I’m sure you already looked into all the info-beamer github repositories already. Especially the GitHub - info-beamer/package-food-menu: Example of a food menu might be of interest to see how the node.json defined values end up in Lua and are used there on the device. If you need help, let me know.

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