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Hi all, I have 2 vertical Samsung screens on top of each other. Now I am trying to upload 2 4K images to display on the screens with the ’ Dual Image/Video player’-package but I can not upload this size of images or video’s. My screens are connected by wifi and not by ethernet.
Thank you

The Dual Image Video Player has currently no support for 4K content. It’s best to upload two pre-split FullHD videos or images instead.

Are you using the original digital pictures or have they been modified? If original, you may need to resize them slightly.

Do the two 4K images match the screen size resolution (I.e. 4096 wide × 2160 height)? If not, resize the images to match that size. If it still does not work, reduce the image to 2K (2560 x 1440) and try uploading it. Then I would suggest going to 1080p (1920 x 1080).

What is the dpi of the images? Is the dpi really high? If so, you might be able to get away with something like 120dpi. Granted that may not match the 4K screens but it will make the file size smaller. Although, I might suggest looking up the specs of the screens to see what their dpi is an trying to match it. Then to scale it down, divide the dpi by 2, and then that by 2, etc until you get to around 120dpi. The larger the dpi, the larger the file size.

What format are you using for the images? Lossless (uncompressed) .tif, or .png? Or are you using something like .jpg? To make the image smaller use a .jpg but do not go below about 50% compression or you will start to see issues when the picture is displayed.

Now days, there really is not a difference between uploading/downloading something over wifi vs an ethernet cable. Those are just the physical layer in which the data travels. Unless you are having other issues with your wifi, that is not something I would really look in to all that much. The issues may be the screens themselves. How much memory do they have and is it enough to hold each of your photos? If not, your only choice will be to reduce the file size of them.

Another issue may be a file size limit that info-beamer has on their uploads. Your error message statement does not really give a clue as to if you were able to upload the images to the site and then got the error or if, while trying to upload the images, you got the error. The former would have me looking at the TVs. The later would have me reducing the file size of the images to be under the upload file size limit.

Hope this helps

Thank you pdxinuus for all your info. I am a graphic designer, so I know my way around in the world of pixels and dimensions. :slight_smile: The problem is indeed the file size upload limit of info-beamer. I can not upload files to the assets folder on the webpage of info-beamer because of the pixel dimensions.
At this moment I get the best result with 2 separate images with a dimension of 1080x1920 px.

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