Use pc instead of pi

im wondering if its possible to run info-beamer on a linux computer instead of a raspberry pi?
we have a few old atom board doing nothing and it would be amazing to run it on them
they are however X64 and not ARM

No. That’s not possible. Info-beamer is only available on the Pi at the moment.

Arrr that’s upsetting, is the any plans for an x64 version?
Plan for an arm64 version we could use on say the rockpi?

Sorry to disappoint, but no plans for that.

Hi. Is it possible to get a linux - version that runs on Android and IOS - Systems? I think there are million of IPADS and Androids Tabs that can be used as a display?

is it possible to get new features in infobeamer if I pay the development of it?

No they can’t be used for that. Unfortunately, info-beamer is only available for the Pi.

Depends. Running it on other hardware is not a goal at the moment.

ok. but is I would like to have a special version of infobeamer on a normal raspi, would that be possible?

That already exists and is the original info-beamer software that go all this started. But I really don’t recommend using it today unless you don’t put a value on your time. Prepare to write a lot of code around that fairly low-level player software. I guess the hosted service is not an option?

if your brave enough the original opensource source code for the project is here but beware is old and no instructions

Correct, but it should be noted that that version very likely doesn’t properly run on a Pi and doesn’t implement any video acceleration. So it’s not really useful for the Pi.

ok. I understand. Thanks for the fast feedback