Use Scheduled Player Setup as Scheduled Playlist in Content Cycle

Hi, I am using two Scheduled Player Setups for two different screens. Unfortunately there is some content which should be shown on both screens, so I have to add this content twice (add a Scheduled Playlist in each Player Setup).

I now thought about a possibility to select another (third) Scheduled Player Setup as a Content Cycle in the Scheduled Playlist. Would something like this work? Or is there another solution?

Example to summarize my question:

  • Scheduled Player Setups:
    1. “Announcements”
      • Scheduled playlist(s) with announcement-content
    2. “Content Display 1”
      • Scheduled playlist(s) with content for display 1
      • Playlist which shows “Announcements” setup
      • Further playlist(s) …
    3. “Content Display 2”
      • Scheduled playlist(s) with content for display 2
      • Playlist which shows “Announcements” setup
      • Further playlist(s) …

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions :slight_smile:

Unfortunately shared playlists are not supported in the scheduled player. It’s an older package that predates both the native playlist as well as scheduling implementation now available for info-beamer hosted. What kind of content do you currently use in your playlists? Only image and videos?

I did not thought about the “new” shared playlists, just about some kind of “automatic adding” of a whole content cycle from another setup.

At the moment I am using videos, images together with the Layout feature and the browser.
Announcements or information I want to show (e.g. for upcoming workshops) are .png images with a transparent background. The background is done with the Layout feature and in combination with the fade options the pages are shown in front of the background.
Another usecase is some kind of image slideshow, where portrait images are also shown in front of a background. In this case I am using additionaly the scroller plugin.
The browser is used to show additional content in between.

Maybe I have to play around a bit with the HD Image/Video Player (Next Gen ?) with prepared images including a background. Can’t imagine how it looks if a fading image transition mixes both contents. The scroller is not a must have.