Video freeze, device reported as OK

Yesterday evening I started a video loop with the HD image / video package. This morning the video has frozen and just showing one frame. Seems not to leave the frozen state.

info beamer web reports the device to be OK with temperature 73 C.

Version 200309-23a1d2stable
OS Release stable-0011

Output frame rate for the last 10 hours shows 30 fps all the time. System load about 25%, memory usage 85MB, temperature about 74C all the time.

It’s a Pi 4 4GB with HEVC /h.265 video (1920 x 1080 / portrait, 30 fps, 8 bit). Encoded in Davinci Resolve using the Nvidia encoder, constant bitrate, high quality.

Using 90 degree screen rotation in the info beamer web setup. The 1 minute 13 seconds video is about 40 MB.

Have just installed a fresh stable release image to the SD card. Pi in high performance mode.

Is this a known issue? Any tips on how to get it stable will be appreciated :slight_smile:

H265 still has some unresolved oddities and unfortunately is not 100% stable yet. It still unclear why that’s the case and what exactly triggers this issue. It might as well be a firmware bug or something only triggered by certain videos. :frowning:

Unless you need 4K, I highly suggest you use H264 instead. The H264 decoder is perfectly reliable.

In general the state of H265 on the Pi4 is still very much work in progress. See for example. Right now info-beamer uses the “userspace via mmap” approach. Hopefully in the future, it can use an officially supported API like V4L2. But that’s still in work. Compared to how the Pi1 initially launched (H264 worked instantly out of the box with 2 fully working APIs), this is quite frustrating…

Thank you, will switch to h264 :slight_smile:

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