Video Stream from OBS Studio

Hi everyone, I’m interested in getting a compatible video stream output from OBS studio, to use in the Scheduled Player Setup.

I’ve found that by using the ‘Recording’ output settings of OBS, it’s possible to create a stream url that I can open using VLC player on another machine on the same LAN.

What I’ve not been able to do as yet, is create a stream compatible with the info-beamer/Pi setup.

I was inspired by this post:

I feel I’m very close to getting this working, but finding the right combination of settings is proving difficult!

I’ve attached a screenshot of my current settings, but these aren’t working, so I’m guessing I need to change the encoder settings, but there’s a huge list to choose from.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great, and I’ll give them a try :slight_smile:

I’ve toyed around with similar settings, except using IIRC 10mbit instead of 1 and FullHD. It worked pretty reliably. I can check out the actual settings I used later and get back to you.

One thing that has been pretty important is the Performance setting on the receiving Pi:

Without that I’ve had a lot of problems.

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Awesome, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Thanks Florian

These settings are working, my Macbook is connected to the LAN via Wifi

Not getting any audio yet, so still making adjustments.

EDIT: Audio is working with these settings, I’mm just capturing my screen/mic and it’s working ok.

I highly recommend not using WiFi. RTP is UDP based and thus highly dependent on not losing packets. Even a single lost packet might result in streaming artifacts.

Haha, yes, I know, it’s simply because I’ve left my USB ethernet dongle at the office! :slight_smile:

Here are my settings:

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Thanks for that.

I’m surprised that the ability to use OBS as Streaming Server in this way isn’t better publicised.

As I was looking for alternative software solutions for a while, and I never had any luck with VLC streaming on my Macbook.

It’s a great way of creating network streams, although a dedicated hardware encoder can be purchased for £200 and once configured, is more plug n play and it can also take any HDMI input, a computer running OBS would need an additional capture device for an external input which can cost a few hundred £.

I’m not sure how much demand creating a recording stream via OBS puts on a machine, my Macbook Pro seemed to handle it fine, but maybe it needs to be a reasonably capable machine?

When using these settings, how do you setup the receiving part? e.g. VLC.


Use the same url configured in obs as a network stream source url in VLC. For multicast (224.x.x.x) streams, this should work. Note that this is offtopic, as this isn’t a VLC forum. Please refer to official documentation instead.

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