Virtual screen (for embedding in POS - Point of Sales)

We are seeking a solution that will enable us to run Digital Signage on Raspberry 4s at all of our museum locations. We may ultimately implement multiple screens per museum.
Our POS provider provides an inactive screen mode, and I would love for Digital Signage to offer a Virtual Screen mode (a URL to a virtual screen) that we could feed into our POS.
I discovered that Screenly offers these features during our search for a Digital Signage provider. However, Info Beamer also has some features that I enjoy.
Are you interested in developing a Virtual Display?

I’m not sure what you mean by „virtual screen“. If it’s just a fullscreen browser showing a Url, there’s the Fullscreen Browser Package for that. Is that what you need?

In our POS, I can embed a URL when it is idle mode. I would like to embed a playlist from Info-Beamer.

Oh. So it’s the other way around. That unfortunately isn’t possible. There isn’t a URL you could point a browser to that shows content configured via info-beamer. The only way to play the content is by setting up a Raspberry Pi and connecting that to your info-beamer account.

Screenly have this option to create a Virtual Display. And this solution would work for the POS.
But I like Info-Beamer more :slight_smile: