Web browser schedule player

A lot of pages use location in order to taler information. it would be great if some how there could be a option to select a county

There’s no general “Select a country” for a website. Some pages can probably forced to use a specific country by including values within the url. As and example you can force google to be in Japanese like this:

Other sites have /english or /german in their url paths depending on the language. Unfortunately some don’t have that option. You would have to click dropdowns that then set some cookie or similar. The issue with that is that this can only be done by remote controlling the browser. This isn’t possible with the current setup.

Could the capture be done from the device and not your server?


I’m not sure how that would help. That just moves the problem to another machine. Automating the browser would probably still be required.

This way the location is used from the source IP

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