Webfound Info Beamer Timer on GitHub

Hey guys i have a little problem!
I am good with the Onfo Beamer system, but I am not a great programmer.

I found this package on the GitHub

Now I would like to know if it is possible to make the background image interchangeable?
Furthermore I would like to control the timer via a three button foot switch.
I would also like to be able to change the font.
I have knowledge of Python but unfortunately I can’t get on with it.

I hope one of you can help me because the original developer doesn’t answer me!

Regards Dennis

I didn’t look into all of the code, but I believe that’s already possible?

Right now the code uses the device command API for that using the control.html. If you can map your button presses to HTTP requests somehow, that will work as you can call the linked API to trigger these events. If you want to directly connect hardware that somehow emulates a keyboard for example, another approach must be taken: A package service can listen for presses and forward the event to info-beamer locally.

That probably only requires a new definition in node.json and the corresponding code in Lua to load the configured font.

General reminder: It’s always good to keep in mind that an open source developer owes you nothing. Not even a response.

Thanks for your help!
For your Reminder = i know that a developer of a open source code owes me nothing!

But I’m not familiar with Lua so i have to find someone who can help me with the code!


I’ve responded to your private message. If anyone else want to pick up this task, I also think that a great one to get started.