Wifi Dropping Out

For some reason on a number of my setups the wifi keep dropping and take ages to reconnect.
dont think there is anything wrong with the wifi as it is enterprise grade with not other complants
how long should it take to retry and connect again


If the device is offline for more than 6 minutes it will restart the network subsystem. The online check fails if either no events are received over then the normally always connected websocket connection or by by failure to probe ping.infobeamer.com. Restarting the network includes shutting down WiFi completely and reinitializing it.

can you see anything in the logs for device 9930?
it is like it drops when the setup is change via api maybe then take 1hour to reconnect again

Not sure what might cause this yet. I’ll monitor this device for now to see if any pattern emerges.

is there any way to force the wifi to connect using 5ghz?


Good question. If the 5GHz and 2.4GHz have the same SSID, the following solutions might work:

Both options require the use of the wpa.conf feature. That file can be edited from the dashboard configuration editor by activating the [x] Additional wpa_supplicant.conf settings option.

Hi, is it possible to lower the time from 6 minutes and it this event logged anywhere?


You cannot change the 6 minutes. The restart also doesn’t mean in any way that losing connectivity results in at least 6 minutes of downtime. The WiFi client always tries to reconnect when it gets disconnected. After 6 minutes it’s just forcefully completely restarted, just in case. The network restart is logged in /space/log/events.log.

I dont see a log directory only root and scratch.

In that case you very likely used the Remote Terminal feature on the device page and logged in without root access. The default access is limited to inspection only. If you want to see all files you need root access. Click on the little dropdown button and select “Connect as root”. Note that this allows you to run commands that break the installation.

Thanks i didnt notice the root option.