WiFi repeater options

I need to install a number of raspberry Pi Zero W’s in a building that has poor wifi.

Is there a way to use a number of Pi’s running as a mesh network?

Or would it be a matter of installing an actual WiFi Mesh network system to link the Pi’s together/to the network and then using the P2P support in info beamer to assist in loading content?

info-beamer P2P isn’t usable for meshing. Its use case it to transfer content between devices that can already reach each other using the underlying network. Whether or not that’s meshed or not is invisible to info-beamer.

I’m not sure what software/hardware requirement any kind of WiFi mesh network has and I also don’t know if the Pi supports that. At least info-beamer doesn’t at the moment.

I was thinking of using a normal wifi mesh system, so plug one of the mesh wifi routers into the main router, and then position the other mesh routers next to the Pi’s, and connect them via ethernet.

So in theory at least using a mesh router system would work with a number of Pi’s running info beamer, and the P2P would work assuming all devices have connection to the router/network via the mesh wifi system?

The P2P isn’t critical, as long as we have remote access to all devices, but would be nice to have.