Wrapping up new digital wall - 20 screens DIY

After about 6 months of house renovations, I’ve finally had some time to put into my new digital wall project. I overall really liked how my last 7 screen project turned out, but wanted to take a different approach with this build - instead of big computer monitors, I picked up 20 10.1" IPS raw panels.

I’m running the Magic Video Wall package, with Raspberry PI 4s… the latest updates to info-beamer to support dual monitor output means that I only had to setup half the number of PIs, cables, power bricks, cables… a huge, huge win! (Also, I wish I had realized before I bought 20 of everything :confused:)

(credit to for the perfect loop gif!)

Still have a little tidying up to do in the closet…

But super happy with the outcome so far - happy to answer any build or setup questions!


Awesome project. Thanks for posting! Out of curiosity: Did you configure the wall with the new webcam mode? Or did you upload a single photo?

What new webcam mode?

The package already had the option to use the webcam instead of uploading a picture. That way you could point a laptop or similar device to your wall and configure it that way. I’ve improved this in the latest release and the webcam preview now shows you the detected displays in realtime. Have a look at this post: Magic Video Wall and dual HDMI output on Pi4.

I uploaded a single photo - I found it kind of disorienting holding my laptop trying to capture the entire wall when I was testing earlier. I need to make some more tweaks and updates so I will try to the webcam mode again since it has been a while!

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