YouTube - Not Live

I am looking to play a YT video in InfoBeamer (not live)

Any ideas?

Download a 5 minute version of that video using a tool like, then upload the resulting MP4 and assign that. That way it’s not as reliant on a permanently working internet connection and uses way less bandwidth.

Note that you really don’t want to use a 10 hour version. I feel like a 5 minute loop would be sufficient.

Okay, but if bandwidth was not an issue, is it possible to play a ‘non live’ YouTube video?

There are occasions where I would like to be able to do this and don’t have the facility to download and upload .

(and yeah, saw it was 10 hours!)

There is no mechanism to play youtube videos, except within the live streaming package, which can theoretically play both live and non live videos. But youtube tends to modify their HTML/JS/whatever output from time to time, breaking the package. I would not recommend using that if you intend to have a reliable output.

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