Adding touch to "Fullscreen Browser"-Package

All I’d like to have is a touch feature for the Fullscreen Browser Package.
What needs to be done to achieve that? Maybe someone can provide help and has a solution ready.

I saw this one already: Fullscreen browser : touch support
But it’s kinda old now. Maybe we got something new on this topic?

That’s still not something that the browser package supports at the moment. But I can have a look at this in the next couple of days to see that’s something that might be supported.

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Hi I just wanted to ask if there is any news regarding the touch issue on the fullscreen browser package?

All I found was this:

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Bump. Also highly interested in this topic.

I gave that a go (again!) and wasted 2 hours trying to get any kind of touch to work. It seems like the libinput subsystem for X11 required udev and all its magic to properly autodetect touch or other pointy devices. info-beamer’s operating system doesn’t use udev but mdev from busybox. It seems very difficult to get that to interact properly. I don’t see touch working reliably with any kind of “plug and play” installation method at the moment.

Result: Touch support within the browser package is not a feature info-beamer offers in the foreseeable future.

hi, does this mean there wont be any Mouse/cursor/keyboard support either, or would that be Possible?

Correct. Nothing has changed since then and an interactive browser still isn’t a feature offered by info-beamer.