Fullscreen browser : touch support

regarding the nice Fullscreen browser, we have seen most of the code is in some Python service running in background and interacting (we think) with Chromium and the LUA shell.

We are experimenting with a touch enabled kiosk. We have tested the touch features and expanded them staring from the TouchUI experiments package.

Now we would like to integrate a web browser pointing to a specific URL as one of the nodes in our navigation.

Any idea on how to pass touch events from LUA (where we now know how to handle them) to the chromium backend.
Or… any idea as to why touch doesn’t work out of the box in Chromium? maybe it’s disabled somehow? Or some of the scripts (ratpoison et al) have options to allow touch events to pass from the raspberry to the Chromium instance?


The browser package wasn’t intended for interactive use (at least for now). The started X server doesn’t have any input devices added. I would guess that this requires some additional configuration, but I’d have to look into that.

ratpoison (more info) is the window manager used. But I don’t think is has the ability to prevent touch or click events.

This would be nice if sometimes in the future touch would be enabled for browsers.

But in the end I dn’t think it is practical. The few requirements we have had always involve a touch menu (made with LUA in info-beamer) and then upon touching a button, switching to the browser. Since the browser is fairly slow to startup (needs to start up X etc), I don’t see it as very practical.

Thanks for your help in understanding a little bit more.