Command for playing 3840x1080 video on two display

I have a Pi 4 and like to try info-beamer for playback my 3840x1080 hevc video on two connected hdmi display. So 2x 1920x1080.
What would be the exact command in LUA file?
Anybody can teach me?

thanks in advance!

Any particular reason why you don’t want to use info-beamer hosted? You can graphically configure the two displays and assign content using the dashboard. Running the raw info-beamer pi software is a lot more complicated. I’d avoid it if possible unless you have very special requirements.

Yes, i don’t like (can’t) upload my own footage to a server. And i like to use the player completely offline.
In many places i cannot have internet.


Have a look at the output of info-beamer -h/info-beamer -fkms. The required parameters for dual display support are documented there. Then have a look at the source and documentation for one of the packages that acts as a playlist player. From its point of view, it’s irrelevant whether or not there’s one or two displays.

Thanks, but sorry, this is way too much for my knowledge :frowning:
Are you Florian? If yes, i think you already have that lua file and tested the sync with such videos.
Mind you share it, so i don’t have to spend hours (or days) for trial and error?
Much appreciated.

I already linked a Lua file that can play videos: and the documentation in that same repository. I’m afraid It doesn’t get simpler than that.

info-beamer pi has a fairly high barrier of entry as you have to learn how to use it. There are no shortcuts, except by using info-beamer hosted, which makes all that easier to use as it abstracts most of the complexity away.

Thanks, will try to create my own lue file. To be honest, i don’t want to spend too much time to learn this language, because i only want to playback my 3840x1080 hevc file on 2 displays. Nothing more. Never.
Do you plan to release a GUI for the offline info-beamer?

No. But info-beamer hosted will get an offline mode. But there is still no GUI in that case. Changes are still made on

That’s too much for me. I don’t know where to place my “hevc.mp4” in that LUA file.

Earlier i created this file, which plays 1920x1080 h264 fine, but with hevc it only show red:

gl.setup(3840, 1080)
local vid = resource.load_video{
    file = "hevc.mp4",
function node.render()
    vid:draw(0, 0, WIDTH, HEIGHT)

What can be the problem? I installed HEVC support in the command line, and the file is in a standard full hd hevc format, created with XMedia Recode.

Many thanks!


You’ll have to use raw = true while loading HEVC videos. Without that, info-beamer will try to use GL based playback which isn’t possible with HEVC.

local vid = resource.load_video{
    file = "hevc.mp4",
    raw = true,

Then you need to place the video like this (instead of using :draw):

vid:place(0, 0, WIDTH, HEIGHT):layer(1)

Also it seems like the HEVC support libraries are not picked up. I guess you ran info-beamer -install-hevc already?

Ok, thanks with the “raw” row it works :slight_smile:
Now i created a 3840x1080 file, but on both hdmi output i see only the left 1920x1080 part.
How can i place the right part to the 2nd display?

Read info-beamer -fkms. There’s documentation about placing both screens to create a virtual display that spans across both of them.

Thanks, it works!
Only have to set 3 variables:
dual_display and secondary offset X and Y,
and now i see what i want :slight_smile:

Next thing is the sync checking! Can i measure somehow?

Also: it says [mmalvideo.c] “no audio stream found”, while it does have an AAC audio track.
Not supported?

Sync between both displays? If so, no. There’s nothing built-in to measure that in the release build for that.

Hm. Good question. Probably. I’d have to check.

ok, sync checking will be with dual projector 3D setup :slight_smile:

thanks in advance for the audio!!

That most likely won’t work well. Both outputs are not guaranteed to be in sync and so far I don’t think there’s a way to enforce that.

See also this discussion:

yeah, thanks it’s me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
will check and write my experiences

Oh. Sorry for the missing response there. Looking forward to some real world experience with such a setup.

I tried video with mp3 audio track.
Still no sound. Please check :slight_smile:

You have to set INFOBEAMER_AUDIO_TARGET=hdmi as well as use audio = true when loading the video. See info-beamer -h output as well as

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