Creating multiple video streams from one Linux host


I’m new to info-beamer and trying to get a handle on what it can do.

I have a need to have one computer produce four video streams, which are to be streamed to four displays. I believe I can use an RPi4 for each of the four receiving displays and I’ll need something powerful to produce the four video streams, but I’m not sure what tools to use for producing these streams.

The host computer will be running Linux, and I hope to use either xvfb or the ‘dummy’ x driver ( to run a virtual X server with four virtual displays, and create one info-beamer stream from each of those four displays.

What tool would I use to create the four info-beamer stream from the virtual displays?


I’ve no real streaming experience, but have a look at Video Stream from OBS Studio. OBS can use hardware acceleration if available, although I’m not sure if you can use it to stream for displays at onces. Results might still vary as packet loss using multicast/rtp/udp transport instantly corrupts the output on the receiver.

I’m curious what kind of use case you’re trying to solve. It sounds easier getting a video card with for output and wiring up the HDMI cables directly to the screens.