Device keeps loading forever

After several reboots am reaching this community to se if we can get some help on why the Pi keeps loading that blue circle forever (20-30 minutes) .
It Happened after setting it to stable mode .

Not sure which blue circle you mean. Can you be a bit more specific?

Hmm I thought this circle would be something built in the host system .
Anyway, It never loads the Setup, it’s just stuck loading something .
I’m not able to give any more info since I don’t know how this software works.

I see. That’s part of the browser package. Are you sure your device is on the stable release? There are still a few problems with the testing version. If so I might take a look tomorrow. Ca you leave the Pi on for the next day?

I’ve moved from stable to test and back to stable with no improvement.

Okay I’ll leave it on, let me know if you need anything else tomorrow.

thank you

You can’t mix the fullscreen browser package with the reception package. The latter prevented the browser from removing the loading spinner.

If you want to fix content like that, use the scheduled player package like this: Can I Run a webpage directly?

Yes, without the reception package the browser works the way I need. But using Schedule Player it only shows the web site before it actually updates its contents (it takes a second the do it).
How to get around that ?

Try the following: In your setup, go back to the “browser plugin”, click on “Advanced settings” and then change “Wait for 2 connections idle” to “Wait for all connections idle”. Then save the setup and wait a moment for the browser content to update.