Native playlist support

Update 2022-08-02

  • Added a new filter:

    Mix: If a playlist includes multiple conditions or child playlists, the mix filter can rearrange generated items according to two strategies. An example:

    If you have two playlists A and B, both containing 10 items with 5 seconds play time each. Normally when adding both child playlists to a playlist, the generated playlist would first use the 10 items from A, followed by the 10 items from B. The mix filter allows you to mix both playlists, so that one item is taken from A, followed by one item from B, followed by one item from A and so on. The duration mix filter additionally uses each play duration and tries to mix, so that both playlists get proportional play time when mixing.

  • Weak linking from dynamically generated assets.

    info-beamer prevents you from deleting assets that are in use by any of your setups. Similarly it prevents you from deleting an asset if it is used as an assets slot within a playlist. Starting today, you can now delete an asset if its only use within your account is being added to a playlist as the result of a dynamic search. An example: Say you have the following conditional search in one of your playlists:

    Uploading an assets testing/example.jpg will add it to the generated list of playlist items for that playlist. Starting today you can now delete this asset. When you do that, the search will be updated and the asset is removed from the playlist again.

Some FAQs

  • Q: Can I use the playlist feature with the existing scheduled player package?

    A: No, that’s not possible at the moment. The scheduled player package cannot handle native playlists at the moment. It’s still unclear how and if support might be added in the future. One of the goals of having this new playlist feature in combination with the added setup scheduling support is to make the scheduled player package obsolete.