Native playlist support

Update 2022-08-08

  • Added scheduling support for items generated by a playlist

    Important note: currently the resulting playlist can only be used in combination with this package as no other package supports evaluating scheduling decision on your devices.

    To use this feature, click on the Show scheduling button:

    This will show a third scheduling related column for all slots within a playlist:

    The following customizations are possible:

    • For asset slots: The individual schedule of a single asset can be changed to “Always”, “Never” or can have a custom schedule.
    • For child playlist slots: By default all the scheduling settings from the included playlist are inherited. You can overwrite this and force all assets to always or never play. Or you can create a custom schedule for all included items.
    • For conditional searches: You can set all matching playlist items to either be scheduled either “Always”, “Never” or all can have a custom schedule.