Pi 4 info-beamer hosted software

I followed the guide on how to setup a new device , i downloaded the Pi4 version , i copied it on an SD card but the pi4 dont boot, Any special trick?

No special tricks needed. The best way to figure out what’s going on if there’s nothing on the screen is to look at the LEDs on the Pi. They should light up and there is a blinking pattern that helps figuring out what the Pi is doing (or not doing). The red light should turn on and the green light should blink a number of times. See also here.

My guess would be that the SD card was formatted with the ExFAT filesystem and not the FAT32 filesystem. If that’s the case, the Pi firmware is unable to locate to boot files. Can you check that?

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Thank you , it was a problem of the SD card, thank you for your answer. it worked
Another question , can we use the Dual HDMI feature to display on pi4 with the info-beamer, or it works with only one ? I’m trying to build a video wall, i have only pi4s , its a shame to have a second hdmi output without use?

The second output can be used. In fact info-beamer is the only software at the moment that can play videos across both displays. Have a look at https://info-beamer.com/blog/dual-display-or-4k-and-hevc-on-the-pi-4

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