Setting up Wifi

I’m interested in setting up a set of 4 hosted devices using Wifi. I can’t find any information on how to do that with the info-beamer distribution. The “Setting up Video Wall” topic says that “it is below” but I didn’t find any additional information. The " Info-beamer OS Version 10 Preview" topic says that it has a menu to help, but I don’t want to deploy something in “Preview”. If I want to get something setup sooner on the current hosted software, how do I get Wifi configured? I have a Pi3 and some Pi B+ with USB Wifi dongles I have used in the past.

Version 10 isn’t out yet, so the default version you download on the device list page is still version 9. To set up WiFi, you have to place a file named wireless in the /config directory of the SD card. See here:

Instead of manually creating those files (and ensuring that you didn’t accidentally add unneeded file extensions, wrong line separators or BOMs), I suggest you use the soon-to-be-obsoleted config website here:

It’s purely browser based, so values you enter aren’t sent anywhere. Once you configured WiFi paramters, just click on Download and extract the on the SD card.

Let me know if that helps.

Thank you! I’ll try this out. Would you also be able to update the “Setting up Video Wall” topic so that it also points people to the same information?

Updated. I linked to the WiFi config help, but suggested to first use Ethernet.