Video Player Setup Drag N Drop

Hi, one major pain when using the Video Player setup is the lack of drag n drop for moving items up and down the playlist.

Could this be added? :slight_smile:

This should have been added for a while now. The setup configuration UI is probably the weakest UI in general. It will be reworked and I aim to make it possible to use drag/drop as well as other features like uploading an asset directly. Right now all resources are bound to the Pi4 unfortunately, so that has to wait a bit longer. But it will be improved.

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Quick update: The new UI is almost ready. Here’s a quick preview. All list configurations like the playlist in the HD player package now support drag&drop to move individual items around:

Additionally the file picker for adding new items has been improved a lot and it’s now easier to select assets you want to add. Clicking on Add item opens the following dialog:

You can select one or multiple items and they will be appended to the exiting playlist.

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That’s fantastic news, great work as always Florian :slight_smile:

Do you have an ETA on when it’ll be ready?

Probably next week as a feature that can be toggled on the account page. A bit more of testing is required to ensure the new UI doesn’t accidentally corrupt exiting configurations while editing. Other than that, it’s almost feature complete.

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