Schedule player copy function

Be great if you could copy a cycle content pages between setups.

Can’t you just use the ‘create a copy’ function to make a duplicate of the setup?

no as there is other pages i want to keep

Ah, so you have created a setup, with the playlists/pages that you want, but you’d also like to copy/paste an additional playlist from another setup, keeping all the original content in place?

I guess that could be called ‘import existing playlist’ and if there was a button next to the ‘Add Scheduled Playlist’ that could import a playlist from another setup that would be pretty handy.

Technically that would be possible of course. But the dashboard doesn’t know how a setup works and info-beamer should stay that way. Everything the scheduled player package does is purely defined by that package. More precisely within the JS code in the config.js/config.html in that package. The info-beamer web dashboad itself doesn’t and can’t have any insight on how that package works.

A package currently has access to all available assets within an account, but can’t see or read other setup’s configuration data. That’s by design to prevent a setup from accessing other setups in your account. I’m not sure I want to give up that property.

Hijacking this topic in a way. Could you introduce a possibility to duplicate a page within a setup? This would be helpful if you want to create a new page that should look like another one. Yes, there’s the possibility to create layouts, but that is not always helpful.
Thank you!

A real world example: Our company hosts several events with slightly different topics. It would be great if our office staff could just duplicate one page, change some text and move it to the right playlist. Any ideas?

I’ll have an updated package that includes this feature tomorrow.

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You can update the package by clicking the Check for updates button. You’ll see a new Copy button on each page that will create a copy of that page. You can now also click on the filename of images/videos within the list of tiles for a page to change the selected asset. This feature requires enabling “Use new setup configuration editor” on the account page.

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Thank you so much! This will be a great improvement for productivity. Will it be possible to move pages between playlists in the future?

Yep, although it’s not yet sure how that might best be implemented. Right now you can move pages within a playlist using the “compact editor” but moving across playlists sound very useful. I’ll update this post once there’s something to test.

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Hi Florian,
is there an update yet?

  • Moving pages from one playlist to another and/or
  • duplicating playlists

Thanks and regards

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