Schedule player copy function

Be great if you could copy a cycle content pages between setups.

Can’t you just use the ‘create a copy’ function to make a duplicate of the setup?

no as there is other pages i want to keep

Ah, so you have created a setup, with the playlists/pages that you want, but you’d also like to copy/paste an additional playlist from another setup, keeping all the original content in place?

I guess that could be called ‘import existing playlist’ and if there was a button next to the ‘Add Scheduled Playlist’ that could import a playlist from another setup that would be pretty handy.

Technically that would be possible of course. But the dashboard doesn’t know how a setup works and info-beamer should stay that way. Everything the scheduled player package does is purely defined by that package. More precisely within the JS code in the config.js/config.html in that package. The info-beamer web dashboad itself doesn’t and can’t have any insight on how that package works.

A package currently has access to all available assets within an account, but can’t see or read other setup’s configuration data. That’s by design to prevent a setup from accessing other setups in your account. I’m not sure I want to give up that property.

Hijacking this topic in a way. Could you introduce a possibility to duplicate a page within a setup? This would be helpful if you want to create a new page that should look like another one. Yes, there’s the possibility to create layouts, but that is not always helpful.
Thank you!

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